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  • Are you EXHAUSTED from promoting your holistic or heart-centred business without generating the results you desire?

  • Are you OVERWHELMED with everything you could do but actually feel more stuck than ever?

  • Are you lacking direction on how to grow your business and struggle to get to grips with the "techie" side?

  • Do you long for step-by-step guidance to grow your business online that makes sense?

Can you imagine how you would feel if …?

  • You had step by step guidance and techie know how on:
    • How to grow your audience
    • How to attract your soul mate clients
    • How to do all the techie stuff you get stuck with

No more feeling…

  • Stuck and frustrated
  • Overwhelmed and confused with all the information out there

Then join me on my BRAND-NEW course - ‘Holistech Online’!

What will you get?

  • I take you step-by-step from the beginning teaching you how to grow your business and how to do the techie stuff along the way. All of the modules in the course are detailed at the bottom on the page. Click on the down arrow to view all 7 modules.
    • I have utilised all my knowledge of how to grow a thriving business that shines online coupled with my technical know-how as an IT college lecturer for 14 years.
    • This has enabled me to structure this course in a logical way so that you can follow step-by-step all you need to do.
    • I won’t sell you this course and then tell you that you need to buy another one to move forwards; you will learn everything you need to know to get your business shining online and what content to share on social media to keep you going.
  • Guided meditations to:
    • Attract abundance
    • Balance Your Chakras
    • Attract Your Soulmate clients
  • FREE access to my Holistic Business Boost group for 10 months.
    • A place for super support from me and other like-minded business owners who are in the same boat where I send MASTER REIKI ENERGY once a week to help you grow your business and attract your soul clients.
    • A place where you can ask me for intuitive guidance for your business.
    • I also offer help with anything technical that you get stuck with; I will either point you in the right direction or do a quick video for you to show you how.


    • Monthly Zoom Mastermind meetings where you can join me and the rest of the group to iron out anything you might be struggling with.

Added Bonus

Be one of the first FIVE people to sign up and you will receive a FREE one-hour intuitive coaching session with me!

Who is this course for?

This brand-new course is suitable for holistic and heart-centred business owners who:

  • need a boost to their business
  • need some help with the techie side of their business
  • Feel they have so much to learn about shining online that they don’t know where to start
  • Need an energy boost to draw in their soul clients
  • Need some help marketing their business and reaching their soul clients.

This course is not for business owners who …

  • Have more soul clients than they know what to do with
  • Know exactly how to shine online and don't need any techie help
  • Don’t need any intuitive guidance at all

Why enrol on this course?

As a Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist, I know that running a holistic or heart-centred business is not the same as any running any other kind of business. I completely get you and understand the trials and tribulations of running a heart-centred business.

I know how it feels to feel totally overwhelmed with all the information out there.

I know how it feels to do course after course that just doesn't tell you enough or ends up making you feel even more confused than ever.

That’s why I created this course as nothing warms my heart more than to see holistic and heart centred business owners come out of their shell and learn to shine easily and effortlessly.

You CAN have the business and life of your dreams and I am here to help you!

Are you ready to shine online doing what you love?

Then take that leap of faith and let me help you

Maybe you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and thinking you should get a proper job


You would LOVE to be able to leave your full-time job and work on your holistic or heart-centred business FULL TIME?

Not only do you get my intuitive help and my step-my-step modules but you're also getting 10 months of magical Master Reiki Energy to boost YOUR business!

This course is NORMALLY £580

However, as an Early Bird, you can get it for ONLY £380



This link gives you the discount for the instalments. If you would like to pay in FULL, click on the full payment and then enter the code HOC200 at checkout to receive your discount. If you have any problems, email me at jan@indigosoul.co.uk

The course officially starts on 1st July when the price goes up to £580

But you can access Module 1 now to get you started. It's jam packed with over 20 videos so you'll have plenty to be getting on with. You can view what is included in the Curriculum section at the bottom of the page. Click on the down arrow to view it all.

What others think

As this is a new course, I don’t have any testimonials but check out what some of the lovely business boosters have to say about being in the group.

There is also a video from the lovely Louise of Louise Jonelle all about what she thinks of being a Holistic Business Boost member. Louise did this video as part of challenge in the group to do a video testimonial for someone. Louise chose to do one for me. I was so chuffed!

"I know we can never be 100% certain about anything in life, but one thing I am pretty sure of is that I shall remain a member of Jan's Holistic Business Boost group for as long as she keeps it going.The Reiki she sends each week is what makes the club unique, BUT the technical and practical content is so useful too.And Jan is just so helpful and kind.She makes it her business to help us out even when we haven't directly asked for help.She is incredibly approachable and makes me feel like I could ask her anything. What a bargain! Thank you jan for all you do" - Anna

Loving this group so far. The Reiki sessions are a good top up for me if I don't get time for self reiki; I usually fall asleep when I self treat. I can see this group being very useful to me over the coming months as I venture further into getting my business up and running properly. The IT technical stuff is a god send as I find my laptop like a jigsaw puzzle only I've got several pieces i cant find without help. Would also like to thank you Jan for being awesome in so many ways . Thank you Debora xx

What Louise thinks of Holistic Business Boost

Your Instructor

Jan Taylor
Jan Taylor

I am an Intuitive Reiki Master practitioner and a crystal therapist with a Diploma in Crystal Therapy who has a passion for working with energy and crystals.

Having done healing on myself and others I have been in awe at the super fast results gained from Reiki and crystal healing and how much it changes people's lives by helping you get rid of the old junk that is holding you back in order to manifest the life of your dreams.

I also have 14 years teaching experience, teaching IT in further education which has enabled me to structure my courses in a simple yet detailed, easy to follow, programme.

It's my mission to help ladies worldwide to create a better life doing what they love and to attract more love, light and abundance into their lives! I love helping them grow and shine!

So don’t delay, secure your PLACE today AND be one of the 5 lucky people to also get 1 hour’s intuitive coaching from me.

I can’t wait to help you and watch your business shine!

Lots of Love & Blessings

Jan xx

Class Curriculum

  Introduction to the Holistech Online
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3 - Creating Engaging Content
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 7 - Creating Your Own Website
Available in days
days after you enroll

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