• Are you EXHAUSTED from promoting your holistic or heart-centred business without generating the results you desire?

  • Are you OVERWHELMED with everything you could do but actually feel more stuck than ever?

  • Are you lacking direction on how to grow your business and struggle to get to grips with the "techie" side?

  • Do you long for step-by-step guidance to grow your business online that makes sense?

Can you imagine how you would feel if …?

  • You had step by step guidance and techie know how on:
  • How to grow your audience
  • How to attract your soul mate clients
  • How to do all the techie stuff you get stuck with

Would you love to learn how to transition your business online in these difficult times?


After struggling myself when I first started my own business, I have created the Abundant Business School

A business school containing bite sized course bundles to teach your everything you need to know either as a business start up or an established business that needs to learn how to transition to a successful online business.

I am so excited as I know this course will help so many people in these difficult times.

You can still grow and shine when the world around you is falling apart and I am here to help you grow your successfully abundant business!

As this is a brand new business school I don't have any testimonials yet but the lovely Linda tells you below what she thinks of my help in the Abundant Business Boost group which is attached to the School:

Can't recommend Jan and her Abundant Business Group highly enough. I recently started my own Holistic Business and have found this group invaluable. There's support on how to do so many things like setting up a Facebook page, techie support and basically anything you need to know to help and support you with your business.

Jan is a lovely, approachable person and helps you even if it's just a bit of moral support or cheerleading that you need. Jan has also done videos to help me with questions I have had on how to do certain things. She really goes above and beyond to offer the support and knowledge that you need and I honestly would have been lost without all that is available to me in the Abundant Business Boost Group from this lovely, knowledgeable lady.

No more feeling…

  • Stuck and frustrated
  • Overwhelmed and confused with all the information out there

I take you step-by-step from the beginning in a bite sized course bundles teaching you how to grow your business and how to do the techie stuff along the way.

The first 3 courses give you loads of help to get you started and they are available now.

Check them out below:

Growing Your Audience

This course in the Abundant Business School bundle teaches you how to grow your audience so that you attract your own raving fans that will potentially become your soul clients.


Building a successful business takes 80% good mindset and only 20% what you actually do to promote it. In this course I teach you how to maintain an excellent mindset to grow the abundant business you know you deserve.

Creating Engaging Content

In this course I teach you how to create content that will keep your audience so engaged that they cannot wait to become your soul clients.

Who is the abundant business school for?

This brand new abundant business school is suitable for holistic and heart-centred business owners who:

  • need a boost to their business
  • need some help with the techie side of their business
  • Feel they have so much to learn about shining online that they don’t know where to start
  • Need an energy boost to draw in their soul clients
  • Need some help marketing their business and reaching their soul clients.

What will I Get if I Join?

The course bundles available right away to get you started include:

  • Growing Your Audience
  • Mindset
  • Creating Engaging Content

Available soon...

  • Email Lists & Automated Sales Funnels
  • Passive Income & Launching
  • Marketing Made Easy
  • Steps to a Successful Website & Writing BLOGs

Support in the Abundant Business Boost Group

Not only do you get all of the above, you also get access to the Abundant Business Boost private Facebook group.

In this group you have my full support and I also send you Master Reiki energy to your business every single week to give it a boost.

Utilising Reiki to boost my business and grow a successful abundant one has been the best thing I ever did.

There will also be monthly online group coaching meetings to keep you on track and help you when you get stuck

You can also ask me in the group if you get stuck with anything; whether it is something techie or anything you are stuck with. I'm a dab hand at recording techie videos to show you how to do something and using my intuitive guidance to help you.

Why work with me?

As a Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist, I know that running a holistic or heart-centred business is not the same as any running any other kind of business. I completely get you and understand the trials and tribulations of running a heart-centred business.

I know how it feels to feel totally overwhelmed with all the information out there.

I know how it feels to do course after course that just doesn't tell you enough or ends up making you feel even more confused than ever.

That’s why I created the Abundant Business School as nothing warms my heart more than to see holistic and heart centred business owners come out of their shell and learn to shine easily and effortlessly.

I have utilised all my knowledge of how to grow a thriving business that shines online coupled with my technical know-how as an IT college lecturer for 14 years.

You CAN have the business and life of your dreams and I am here to help you!

Manifest the Business of your Dreams!

Did you know that Master Reiki energy taps into the highest vibration there is with the law of attraction so I will help you to manifest abundance for your business without you having to do anything?

I have set powerful intentions to give you confidence, help you attract your soul clients and bring you the abundant business you desire and deserve.

Using Reiki to boost my business is the best thing I ever did!

Are you ready to shine online doing what you love?

Then take that leap of faith and let me help you

Maybe you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and thinking you should get a proper job


You would LOVE to be able to leave your full-time job and work on your holistic or heart-centred business FULL TIME?

Not only do you get my intuitive help and my step-my-step course bundle but you're also getting magical Master Reiki Energy to boost YOUR business!

This school is like no other so don't delay and join us TODAY

The Abundant Business School is only £28 a month

And this price will be locked in for you for as long as you stay a member. 

Just click on ENROL NOW.

I can’t wait to help you and watch your business shine!

Lots of Love & Blessings

Jan xx

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Abundant Business School

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